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Available for qualified senior citizens, persons with disabilities, and veterans. For more information, contact the office at 409-384-8751 or 1-800-256-6111. This service is provided in Jasper, Newton, and Tyler counties.

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East Texas Support Services Inc. Medical Transportation Division provides medical transportation services to all Medicaid eligible clients who have no other means of transportation. Transportation services are provided in thirty-five (35) East and Southeast Texas counties, twelve (12) counties in Transportation Service Area (TSA) 14, fourteen (14) counties in TSA 6 and nine (9) counties in TSA 5. While the number of counties we serve for Medicaid clients did not increase during 2009, we did see an increase of approximately 30,000 one-way trips during the 12-month period. East Texas Support Services also provides transportation services for non-Medicaid clients through an agreement with the Deep East Texas Council of Government-Area Agency on Aging (DETCOG-AAA) in (3) three counties. In November 2008, we entered into a contract with AMR (Access2Care) to provide transportation for Medicare clients, with eligibility to be determined by Access2Care. This program covers the same counties as TSA 14 with the agreement to provide services in TSA 5 and TSA 6 when their program expands into those areas.

Medical transportation services are provided from curb to curb for non-emergency medical transportation requests. Days of operation are Monday through Saturday; services are provided to medical facilities within the county of residence, to adjacent counties and also to medical facilities in Houston and Galveston for clients living in TSA 14 and to Dallas and Shreveport for clients living in TSA 5 and TSA 6. Clients are asked to make their medical transportation request 48 hours prior to their scheduled appointment; however transportation can be scheduled with a shorter notice if approved by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) intake staff for Medicaid clients. Services for non-Medicaid clients are curb to curb and the days of operation are the same as Medicaid, transportation services for DETCOG-AAA and Access2Care clients are mostly within the county of residence and to adjacent counties, however transportation services will be provided to locations outside these areas if approved by the contracting agent.

In March 1993, the Comprehensive Care Program (CCP) was added to the Medical Transportation contract. This program provides clients with up-front funds for personal car mileage, meals and lodging when the client’s medical needs necessitate travel out of their local area of residence. Beginning September 1, 2000, the Comprehensive Care Program became a contract separate from the Medical Transportation Contract and the name was changed to Advanced Funds. East Texas Support Services bid on and was awarded this new contract, which provides services for all counties in the state of Texas. The new contract basically provides the same services as the previous contract and is still managed through the Medical Transportation Division. 2009 proved to be a successful year in the Medical Transportation Division with an increase in clients served and an increase in staff, however we left 2009 with saddened hearts due to the loss of our beloved Mr. “B”, but we stepped into 2010 with a strong determination to carry on his legacy in a way that would make him proud.

Terry Hicks - Program Director

Counties Served In Each Service Area PDF Print E-mail

TSA 5: Bowie, Cass, Delta, Franklin, Hopkins, Lamar, Morris, Red River, Titus
TSA 6: Smith, Wood, Cherokee, Gregg, Harrison, Panola, Marion, Rains, Upshur, Henderson, Rusk, Van Zandt, Camp, Anderson
TSA 14: Jasper, Newton, Tyler, Angelina, Nacogdoches, Sabine, Shelby, San Augustine, Trinity, San Jacinto, Houston, Polk
DETCOG: Jasper, Newton, Tyler
ACCESS2CARE: Same counties as TSA 14 with the possibility of expansion into the counties of TSA 5 and 6 when their services are available in those area

One Way Trips Provided in 2009
TSA 5: 72,779
TSA 6: 143,311
TSA 14: 81,476